Poker Terminology

Gambling glossaries are the best ways of learning most online casino games, getting ready to be reading about such difficult topics like gambling addiciton or responsible gaming. For better understanding of the poker game study the most frequently met poker terms.

Aces Full
Full House which contains three Aces and any pair.

High Card hand with an Ace.

Aces Up
Two Pair hand with the pair of Aces.

To bet, raise or check.

Active Player
The player who didn’t fold and is still in the hand.

To bet all the chips you have.

American Airlines
The name of two Aces.

The type of forced bet. Ante is made by all the players before the cards are dealt.

When the player who originally called make a re-raise.

Money every player has and plays for.

To add chips to the pot.

Bet the Pot
When the player wager the amount equal to the size of the pot.

Bicycle or Bike
The lowest straight (A-2-3-4-5).

Big Blind
The type of forced bet made by the player two positions after the dealer.

Big Slick
The hand with King and Ace.

Useless card.

Blind Raise
The raise made by the player who doesn’t check his or her hand.

To make other players believe that one has a better hand than he/she might otherwise have, by betting or raising.

Board cards
Or community cards. The cards which are dealt face up on the table and can be used by all the players to create the hand.

Full house.

The highest straight (A-K-Q-J-10).

The type of forced bet placed by the player with the lowest (Seven Card Poker) and highest (Razz) face up card.

Bring It In
To bet in the first round of the game.

Two Aces.

To raise.

The smallest sum of money the player must pay to play particular poker game.

To reply with the same amount on the bet made by the previous player.

Calling Station
The player who always bets but rarely raises.

Case Chips
The last chips of the player.

Cash Out
To leave the poker game and replace the chips with cash.

Not to bet or raise, just pass the turn to act. The player has this option only in case there were no action before him or her.

The person who monitors the poker game, deals the cards and reward the pot.

Dealer's Position
To bet the last in the round.

Dominated Hands
Non-straight or flush hands that are not very bad but tend to lose against similar hands.

Door Card
The first face up card in the Stud poker games.

Down Card
Or hole card. The card which is dealt face down.

Draw Lowball
The poker variation in which the players are dealt five cards each and have the right to discard one or several cards and replace them with another ones. In Draw Lowball the lowest hand wins.

Draw Poker
The poker variation in which the players are dealt five cards face down and with the option to discard several cards and replace them with the other in order to make the best hand.

Drawing Hand
The hand that can win only after improvement.

Or deuces. The pair of Twos.

Fifth Street
Or the “river” card. The last community or dealt to the player card that determines the last betting round.

Flat Call
To call the bet without raise.

The first three community cards dealt face up on the table in Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker games.

Flop Games
Community poker games.

To forfeit your cards.

Fourth Street
The fourth community card in the flop games which determines the third betting round.

Five cards dealt to the player. Read more about the list of poker hands.

Two players that rest in the hand.

High Limit
The poker game with the high betting amount.

Hole Cards
The cards dealt to the player face down.

The casino where the game takes place.

Kansas City Lowball
Or Deuce to Seven. The poker variation in which the worst hand (2, 3, 4, 5, 7 of different suits) wins.

Keep Them Honest
To call at the end of the hand to avoid bluffing.

Kick It
To raise.

To check.

The hand with King and Jack.

The pair of Queens.

Lay Down Your Hand
To fold.

To be the first player to bet.

The first player to call the bet.

Live Hand
The hand which can win the pot.

To call the final bet before the showdown.

The player who plays too much hands.

Low Limit
The poker games with the small betting amounts.

To shuffle the deck.

Suited or unsuited Queen and Jack in the pocket.

To call.

To forfeit or discard the hand.

Very big hand.

No Limit
The poker games in which the players can bet any amount they want in any betting round.

The best hand that can not be beat at any point of the game.

The probability to get particular hand.

The cards of different suit.

On the Button
To be the dealer which means to act the last in the round.

To make the very first bet.

Open Card
The face up card.

Open Pair
The face up pair of cards.

The number of cards that are left in the deck and can still improve your hand.

Or picture cards.

To fold.

Pay Off
To call in the last betting round whether you consider or not your hand to be strong.

Play Back
To raise or re-raise the bet.

Face down or hole cards.

Pocket Rockets
The pair of hole Aces.

The money the players compete for.

Pot Limit
The poker games with the highest betting amount equal to the pot size.

Put Down
To fold.

To increase the bet.

The commission taken by the casino as the payment for hosting the poker game.

The value of the card or the whole hand.

To knock on the table when check.

Poker tournament in which the player doesn’t leave the table when he or she is run out of money but can buy more chips and continue the game.

Or the last street. The last given card.

To play with more money than it is considered to be reasonable.

The so called mini-tournament which is held to give the players to enter the larger poker tournament.

To win the whole pot.

To call.

Short Buying
To buy the chips after your initial buy-in.

The poker game with few players.

The end of the final betting round when all the cards are revealed and the winner is determined.

Side Pot
The separate pot for which the rest active players compete when one or several players are all-in.

Small Blind
The type of forced bet made by the player one position after the dealer before the cards are dealt.

Soft Seat
The game in which most of the player are unskilled.

Speed Limit
The pair of fives.

Or Tie.

To call rather than raise and remain in the game.

Steel Wheel
The lowest straight flush (A-2-3-4-5).

Stud Games
The poker games in which the players are dealt face down cards as well as face up cards.

Thirty Miles
Three tens.

Tournament of Champions.

The pair of threes.

Or Three of a Kind.

The fourth dealt card in the flop poker games which determines the third betting round.

Walking Sticks
The pair of sevens.

Wild Card
The card that can be counted as the card of any value.

World Series of Poker.

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