Pot and Poker Hand Odds

In any game you choose to play online or at the land casino you should know your winning chances, if you want to win, of course. For example, you can not be playing online casinos: online slots, card counting games or poker game without any clue of how to bet and what to do not to lose. Poker odds may refer to several aspects. Of course, it is the possibility of the certain cards to be dealt. Here you must understand that the more advantageous the hand is the fewer probabilities to get this hand you have. The following poker hand odds chart demonstrates you the odds of obtaining every hand in the five card poker which is the most popular poker variation these days.

Poker hand

How many ways the hand can be made

Odds of obtaining the hand

Royal Flush


1 in 649,740.00

Straight Flush


1 in 72,193.33

Four of a Kind


1 in 4,165.00

Full House


1 in 694.16



1 in 508.80



1 in 254.80

Three of a Kind


1 in 47.32

Two Pairs


1 in 21.03

One Pair


1 in 2.36

No Pair Hand


1 in 1.99

In addition, the outcome of the game depends on the hole cards the players are dealt at the very beginning of the game and the community card that appear on the table. So, the odds of some particular cards to be dealt are like these:

Pair of Aces

1 in 220

Any pair in hole

1 in 16

Ace and King of the same suit

1 in 331

Any Ace and King 

1 in 110

Two cards of the same suit

1 in 3.25

Any pair and Ace

1 in 3.9


1 in 5.7

Two cards of the same suit in sequence

1 in 26.6

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