Hands Poker Rankings

Let's familiarize with the standard online casinos hands poker rankings.

Royal Flush:straight flush from ten to Ace. This is the best card combination with the highest hands poker rank. In case two players have the Royal Flush the pot is split between them.

Straight Flush:the sequence of any five cards all of one suit. Royal Flush is one of the best combinations in the hands poker rankings.

Four of a Kind:the hand with four cards of one suit.In case two players have the Four of a Kind the rank of the fifth card decides on the player who wins the pot.

Full House:the hand with three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank.

Flush:the hand with five cards of one suit but not in sequence. The highest card in the Flush breaks the ties.

Straight:the sequence of five cards of different suit. Aces can be counted both as high and low card.

Three of a Kind:the hand with three cards of one rank.

Two Pair:the hand with two cards of one rank and two cards of another rank. The rank of the hand is determined by the rank of the highest pair.

One Pair:the hand with the pair of cards of one rank.

High Card:the hand of five cards of different ranks and suits. High Card hands poker rank is determined by the highest card. No matter how bad your hand is still you can collect the whole pot.

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